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Lyme Ontario is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increase awareness, education and information on Lyme disease. We are a small volunteer based group that strives to enhance resources for those who may be affected or exploring tick borne infections through supporting researched focused projects and advocacy ventures.

Lyme Ontario would like to thank the following corporate sponsors for their sponsorship for our 4th Annual Walk for Hope

These companies have helped us succeed in another amazing walk:

  • Armin. Labs
  • Cornerstone Health
  • Dr. Marie Matheson
  • Georgetown Pharmacy
  • Griffs Property & Maintenance
  • iGenex
  • Praxair
  • Prophix Software
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Please sign the Tick Lyme Bomb in Canada Petition

Please sign this petition asking the Canadian Government to reject the current Action Plan (Framework) for Lyme disease and fix it. The Framework must recognize the seriousness of this disease for all of us. Time is ticking. Canada’s current plan is GROSSLY inadequate.

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