Lyme Ontario is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increase awareness, education and information on Lyme disease. We are a small volunteer based group that strives to enhance resources for those who may be affected or exploring tick borne infections through supporting researched focused projects and advocacy ventures.


  • To promote and emphasize awareness and encouraging preventative steps when working or playing outdoors.
  • To enhance the knowledge and understanding of Lyme disease as a disease.
  • To work cohesively with other provincial, national and international  advocacy organizations
  • To participate in Canadian and international conferences on Lyme disease and related subjects.
  • To provide evidence-based resources to physicians and other health-care professionals concerning:
  • Global publications on testing, diagnosis, and current treatment options for Lyme disease
  • The emerging and widespread concerns of Lyme disease in Ontario and Canada.
  • The multi systemic involvement of the disease and in turn the varying clinical presentation of the disease.
  • The importance of proper and thorough investigation of each patient’s case that are considering a possible exposure to a vector borne infection such as Lyme disease.
  • Emphasizing patient based care for those pursuing treatment
  • To encourage improved efficiency of local public health authorities on reporting and surveillance of Lyme disease cases in areas of interest
  • To work collaboratively in establishing and promoting necessary services and public health awareness programs
  • To encourage collaboration with public health bodies, medical and scientific researchers, to ensure that patient needs are fully recognized so that they can obtain proper diagnosis and long-term treatment in Ontario.

Although Lyme Ontario offers resources of known treatment providers, Lyme Ontario does not promote or recommend any one specific treatment or product for Lyme and associated diseases; nor will it be responsible for any actions individuals take in using such treatments or products.