Lyme Ontario is a charitable organization comprised of volunteers.


The objectives of Lyme Ontario shall be as follows:

  • To offer support and information to patients of Lyme borreliosis; to provide information to other interested parties.
  • To promote public awareness and measures to encourage individuals to take preventative steps when working or playing outdoors.
  • To establish and maintain a resource library containing current information about vector-borne diseases in general, and specifically literature about Lyme borreliosis and other tick-associated diseases.
  • To assist in the collection and study of vectors involved with carrying and transmitting the Lyme disease bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, and other associated diseases.
  • To foster an understanding about Lyme borreliosis as it can affect families.
  • To foster and maintain contact with other provincial, territorial and international organizations and participate in Canadian and international conferences on Lyme borreliosis and related subjects.
  • To provide evidence-based and reliable information to promote the education and awareness of physicians and other health-care professionals concerning:
a) Evidence-based and reliable information for recognition, testing, diagnosis, and current treatment for Lyme borreliosis through vetted and published research written by worldwide experts specializing in research and treatment of this disease
b) The fact that Lyme borreliosis is widespread in Ontario and most other parts of Canada.
c) The fact that Lyme borreliosis can affect multiple body systems and cause serious arthritic, cardiac, endocrine, gastrointestinal, dermatologic, musculoskeletal, ophthalmologic, otologic, urologic, neuropsychiatric, neurocognitive manifestations and general symptoms of malaise.
d) The importance of each patient’s presenting clinical symptoms and the use of evidence-based medicine when making a diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis and associated diseases.
e) The various modes of transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato to humans.
  • To urge and encourage local public health authorities to become more timely, prudent and thorough in reporting and surveillance of Lyme borreliosis cases in their area; to assist them in establishing and promoting necessary services and public health awareness programs.
  • To collaborate with public health bodies, medical and scientific researchers, to ensure that patients needs are fully recognized so that they can obtain proper diagnosis and long-term treatment in Ontario.
Although Lyme Ontario offers support in suggesting known treatment providers, Lyme Ontario does not promote or recommend any one specific treatment or product for Lyme Borreliosis and associated diseases; nor will it be responsible for any actions individuals take in using such treatments or products.

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